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Margaret Chong

Thank you for recommending this product to me as it a great tasting and effective product in today world (surrounded by junk food).

I have always feel tired, lack of energy even after getting more than 8 hours of sleep upon waking the morning, until I come across Biodtox. After taking for more than a week, I feel energetic and refreshed even getting less than 6 hours of sleep. Best of all, it got rid of my constipation problem which had plague me for more than a decade. In addition, it’s tasty, delicious, affordable and effective. I’ve been taking it for more than 3 years now and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wish to get their digestive system and health back on track.




我是 Mandy Guo, 35岁。3年前生了女儿之后一直有不排便的问题,有时候3-4天都没上一次,甚至一个礼拜才一次,憋的难受。试了很多其它产品也不见效果。偶然间在早市的摊位上遇见这个产品,就抱着试一试的态度,可是没想到效果很好。刚刚喝了一个星期,觉得很好,而且口感非常好喝。早上6点空肚喝BioDTox,下午4-5点准时到厕所报道,非常顺畅,而且不拉稀。而且我感觉我的皮肤也改善了,痘痘少了,皮肤也亮了。感谢BioDTox 给我带来这么多的益处,非常感恩。







My name is Valerie and I am 35 years of age.
I have had constipation all along, maybe going to the toilet only twice a week even if I eat 3 meals a day and a healthy good portion. My friend Annie introduced me to BioDTox which I gladly take as I hope for regular bowel movements. First day after taking in the morning , I went to the toilet 3 times passing hard to soft feces in the end of the day. 2nd day, I took another sachet in the morning and went toilet twice passing soft, watery feces. On the 3rd day, I took another and also went 3 times and the result are feces that is floating and I am so glad for the cleansing it provide. The taste is nice so it is easy to take but plenty of water advised.  Thank you BioDTox!



我是Joe Chong,29歲。我從青春期有便秘和暗瘡問題,便秘令我覺得很不舒服,但是我沒有特別去嘗試任何方式來解決我的便秘和暗瘡問題。。幾個月前,我經過朋友介紹,得知BioDTox 這個產品可以幫助便秘問題,便嘗試引用BioDtox。我每天用一個小瓶子加入200 mls 水一包BioDTox,搖至均勻。我覺得BioDTox 這個產品非常好,不但可以幫助與改善我的排便問題,也改善了我的暗瘡皮膚。






I love heaty and fried foods, so sometimes it causes constipation. That's when l will need BioDTox to help me to clear my bowel smoothly. And it is a very easy and painless way to solve my bowel problem. Because BioDTox tastes natural with all its natural ingredients and it doesn't cause diarrhea like laxative. I simply like it.
From Gladys Lee






I had constipation from the time I was in my teens. It caused me discomfort and often I felt bloated. When I did go to the toilet, it was painful and I would have a little bleeding. I didn't really do anything about it. Then a few years ago a friend recommended me to try BioDTox. I just add cold water to a pack of BioDTox, shake it thoroughly and drink it. Simple as that. It works very well, in a few hours, sometimes a day later. There is much less discomfort. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has constipation problems and even to those who do not have the problem.
From Mrs Alice Ng






My name is Sarah Ong. Ever since I gave birth to my children I have suffered from constipation and have tried all type of products but could not solve it until my friend Annie introduced BioDTox to me two year ago. This product really helped me a lot. I take BioDTox 3 times a week and now I can go toilet smoothly everyday and sometime even twice a day!

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