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Staying Healthy


     Health is not solely the absence of disease. According to the World Health Organisation, health is a composition of three areas.  That is physical health, emotional health and social well-being.

     At Health Circle, the first two steps aim to maintain your physical health.  For the third step, we are devoted to bringing balance for your spiritual harmony.

     Thus, we collaborate with Zundeng Art to bring you something special and joyful!

Have you heard about Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art?

    Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art is a kind of therapeutic art originated from Japan.  It is suitable for anyone from young children, adults to seniors.

     You do not need to have any prior art experience.  The techniques used are simple yet unique.  You can master the painting skill and create wonderful art like below in a single session.

     Students find this art very heart-touching and fun!  It helps in soothing emotions and finds your inner peace.

     Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art is an art that you should have experienced at least once in the lifetime! You never know, it will change your life for better!
About Zundeng ART
Zundeng ART is an art channel founded by Goh Keat Leong.

Keat Leong is a passionate art teacher, he believes that art is not merely about skill and creativity.  Art can be a simple form of therapy that brings balance to emotional harmony.

He became a certified Pastel Nagomi Art teacher in 2017.  And he also holds a Specialist Diploma in Health Promotion.  Allow him a suitable candidate to conduct health-oriented art workshops.

In 2018, he obtained the Advanced Instructor certification.  Keat Leong is now a qualified teacher to train Pastel Nagomi Art instructors too.
Health Circle is one of the very few companies that care for both physical and emotional health. From time to time, we will organise the Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art workshops.

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