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Staying Healthy


     Most people know that healthy food contains vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  These are food for good health.  But do you know?  Even the best vitamins and minerals need these substances to work.

     These INDISPENSABLE substances are ENZYMES. They turn food into elements that your body can utilise.  They are workers in your body.  They use raw material such as protein, carbohydrates and fats.  To build, maintain and repair your body.

     That said, your body cannot exist without enzymes.  Yet, your body can only produce a limited number of enzymes in a lifetime!

     "Because everyone inherits only a certain amount of enzyme at birth. The length of your life is in direct proportion to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme in your body."  That's mean the more enzyme you have in your body, the longer you will live.

     Unfortunately, these enzymes getting exhausted due to many reasons.  Such as poor diet habits, environmental condition/toxins and frequent air travel.  Illness, stress and strenuous exercises too will deplete our enzyme level!

    The first sign of enzyme deficiency is digestive stress.  It can be bloatedness, dairy intolerance, indigestion or food allergies.

     If the enzyme level continues to deplete, your body will become so weak.  To the point where it has difficulties defending itself against diseases.  In long-term, all these will lead to:
• Fatigue, loss of energy
• Skin disorders
• Weight problem
• Cardiovascular problem
• Inflammation
• Pre-mature ageing
• Autoimmune problem
• Immunity problem
• Cancer

Two ways to prevent the excessive loss of your enzyme level.

     The first method is to avoid all activities that will exhaust your body enzyme.  You may hear that longevity always associated with certain common things, such as:
• living in a pollution-free environment.
• performing soft exercise like tai chi and yoga.
• meditation.
• stress-free.
• eat fresh, eat less, etc.
     While these are good ways of staying healthy.  But they may not be practical for everyone.  Especially if you are living a busy life, have time constraint or financial budget.

So, the easiest method is to restore your enzyme level! 

     But, what enzymes should you take?  And how to find good enzymes?  These are the basic questions not many people are aware of.

     Worry not!  Health Circle has a simple solution to this.  It will help you to kickstart the journey of staying healthy easily.  Click below to start your journey.
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