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Staying Healthy


     The body absorbs nutrients during the food digestion. At the end of digestion, much waste is leftover in the body.

    These remaining waste like any organic substances, they will putrify and turn bad. Your body MUST discharge them to maintain GOOD HEALTH.

     Our colon is the body's main sewage system. Smooth daily bowel movement is the basic requirements to keep your body in a good state. But low body enzyme level, dietary changes and ageing can cause people to defecate less.
     So, constipation is becoming a common problem that people face nowadays.

    Constipation not only makes you feel discomfort.  Long accumulated waste in the body can also form toxins, which will affect your health.

     When there is too much rotted food stuck in the colon folds, toxins will leak into the blood capillary.  This will cause many health issues.  Such as skin allergies, body odour, bad breath, obesity and chronic fatigue.  People with chronic constipation have a higher risk of colorectal cancer.

     Your body is like the house you live in, regular housekeeping will keep the house fresh and clean.   So, maintaining a clean intestinal tract is utmost important.   And the best way of achieving this is colon cleansing.

     Strict diet, fasting or diarrhoea inducing kind of treatments... these are what people usually thought about colon cleansing. In fact, colon cleansing can be very simple and enjoyable.
Health Circle brings you an easy way of colon cleansing and staying healthy.

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